Playing with food!

Here, we learn to eat well! An interactive play space which allows children (& adults) to better understand the food cycles, from the basic product to its consumption, including how it is cooked. The goal is healthy eating for everyone!

A fun and educational experience 

Who said that you can’t eat well while having fun? In the MIAM! MIAM! GastroPlayRoom, children and adults can discover, through educational and interactive games, the origins of our food, how it is cooked and why it is good for our body. We have an appetite for more!

MIAM! MIAM! space!

A GastroPlayRoom, what for?

The MIAM! MIAM! GastroPlayRoom is an encounter between gastronomy, innovation and imagination. A world of experiments and learning custom-built for the whole family, on the subjects of health and nutrition. It is a play space to learn and awaken the curiosity of children through games and innovative modules. A pleasure for everyone!

Our proposal

The MIAM! MIAM! GastroPlayRoom offers everyone the possibility to enrich their knowledge on the subject of food and health. Organized in several subject islands (such as food preservation, recycling, nutritional value...), this space is especially devoted to families and to the school audience.

Your privacy is important to us

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