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A resource space and knowledge centre, the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie of Lyon offers children, adults and professionals a full programme to experience all aspects of gastronomy.

Arcimboldo, Leonardo and citrus ... Italy is in the spotlight at the City!

What to do, to see and experiment La Cité ?

Permanent exhibition

Guided tours schedule

The permanent exhibition invites you to (re)discover how health and well-being come first from what we eat.

From the market to sharing a meal, from medicinal plants to the future challenges of food, this historical exploration also places great emphasis on the gastronomy of Lyon, and exclusively presents a unique object: the cooking range of Paul BOCUSE, on which the chef with three Michelin stars prepared his creations for more than 20 years!

La Cité offers thematic guided tours:

Lyon, capital of gastronomy.
Exploring gastronomy, this multi-faceted concept in a majestic setting, witness to beautiful gourmet stories! From the courtyard of the cloister to the dome of four rows, we will reveal why Lyon can boast of its title of world capital of gastronomy. By soliciting your senses, you will then discover the gastronomic meal of the French, classified in the world heritage of humanity by UNESCO

Hôtel-Dieu, healthy on the plate.
Since it was founded in the 12th century and throughout its history, the Grand Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon has been treating patients with food. From reconstituting broth to the food issues of tomorrow, discover the heritage spaces of the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie in Lyon from the angle of nutrition. From the courtyard of the Great Cloister, meet Rabelais, apothecaries and hospitable Sisters. Let you tell the story of the Hôtel-Dieu and the city of Lyon, to understand the concept of food and health.

World Atlas of Gastronomy

Do you know where the artichoke comes from? What the first recipe book was? When the first spoon appeared? What curanto is? How to cook pain d’épices ?

With the World Atlas of Gastronomy, a fully interactive and intuitive tool, immerse yourself in the history and culture of gastronomy throughout the world, become an expert and stand out at your next dinner !

Miam ! Miam ! Gastro Play Room

Enter a world of culinary experimentation created especially for children. Take your place in the food basket with the season’s fruit and vegetables, inspect the inside of a giant mouth to understand the food cycles, follow the bee Ruchette on the path to the origin of food, spend time in the kitchen to prepare delicious recipes for your taste buds and health… Here, you are allowed to play with your food!

27.11.19 / 05.31.20. Temporary installation. A proposal of sound and visual immersion of contemporary authors, which starts from the work and spirit of Arcimboldo

La Cité acts as host to temporary exhibitions and spotlights artists and topical issues, inviting the public to discover original creations on various different subjects, such as contemporary art, food habits or even history and technological innovations. An invitation for dialogue and for sharing.

27.11.19 / 31.05.20Revisiting Arcimboldo. Immersive experience.

Tribute will be paid to Giuseppe Arcimboldo in this first temporary exhibition in the Grand Hôtel-Dieu of Lyon. Through his paintings, this Italian painter brought still lifes and food to life. A total immersion through light and colour, the symbol of his Mannerist works revisited by contemporary artists. Come see when art and gastronomy meet in this unique immersive experience!

Gastronomic space

A multipurpose space of the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie, the gastronomic space evolves according to the programme of events. A meeting place par excellence, you can stop here to taste the dishes prepared by the guest chefs, organize a private event for your end-of-year cocktails, listen to a talk or a debate… while taking advantage of the breath-taking views from the heights of the Dôme des Quatre Rangs.

Showcooking and the kitchen

Italian taste at the kitchen !
©Geoffrey Reynard - OnlyLyon

Complete your visit by tasting gastronomic works of art imagined by national and international chefs. Come and meet the team of cooks of the Cité, who prepare the recipes of the chefs right before your eyes, exchange their tips and their recipes with them, register to participate in a culinary workshop…

Over the seasons the guest chefs take turns to propose different recipes, the combinations of food and wine are reinvented, successive workshops are held but each one is different. Treat yourself to different smells and flavours!

To accompany the launch of the Arcimboldo experience, Italy is on the menu of the tasting experience on Thursday, November 28th.

©Geoffrey Reynard - OnlyLyon

A place for exchange and experimentation, the Cité lives to the rhythm of the events that it plans and each day proposes activities on the subjects of food, nutrition and gastronomy, in conjunction with the GastroLab: guided tours, talks, meetings, debates, film screenings, culinary demonstrations… but also multidisciplinary projects which blend gastronomy with music, drawing, sustainable development.

Saturday nights at the Cité

  • November 30, at 19:00. Conference as part of the fourth week of Italian cuisine in the world. The Italian Cultural Institute of Lyon and the City of Gastronomy organize this conference on cooking at the time of Leonardo da Vinci. Presented by Professor Fabio Secchi, this conference will take the visitor on a virtual tour of the kitchen during the Renaissance with the touch of Tuscan genius.
  • November 23, at 19:00, ambulatory conference organized in partnership with Lyon City Trek: Coffee, the great story of a small grain. Nocturne nomad proposed by the guide Patrick Mathon, punctuated tasting of great crus of coffees offered by Luciani. Language: French
  • November 16, at 19:00, conference organized in partnership with Villa Gillet: Sit around a table. With Iranian leader Mojgan Tashvighi, actress and actress Stéphanie Schwartzbord, and researcher Gilles Fumey. Language: French 

  • November 9, 19:00, conference and dedication of Jean-François Mesplède: The story of the little red book: the adventure of the Michelin Guide. Language: French 

  • November 2, at 7:00 pm, Sophie Delpuech's ambulatory lecture: The chefs, new stars of the piano. Language: French

The GastroLab co-working space

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The GastroLab, a business incubator right in the centre of Lyon and of its Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie, supports young project leaders who have decided to integrate the subjects of nutrition and food-health into the heart of their initiatives.

The resident companies will be able to disseminate their work to the visitors, during moments of exchange and encounter, and to develop their activity at the heart of the French gastronomy ecosystem…

Would you like to join the GastroLab? Contact us to receive more information or to discover the formalities to join the programme!

The café shop is open to everyone, both visitors and passers-by. Throughout the year, find out about the Cité de la Gastronomie or about the gastronomy and tourism on offer in the region, find original and delicious gift ideas to be offered without hesitation, taste products linked to the programmes of the Cité... This is the ideal place to prolong your visit or simply take a gastronomic and cultural break!

Activities between books

  • Tuesday, November 26 at 16:00. Déborah Dupont-Daguet dedicates his book "The cookie of our dreams", published by First editions in 2019.

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