Fully interactive and intuitive, the Atlas room invites visitors to immerse themselves and enjoy an original experience, in relation to one of the most beautiful treasures of humanity: foodstuffs.

Between tradition and worldwide food

With the creation of the World atlas of gastronomy, the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie of Lyon wishes to provide everyone with a legacy on the history and cultural significance of worldwide gastronomy, and to let visitors discover new projects and products, inspired by our roots and our history over many centuries.

Insights into the Atlas


What do we eat? Our products are the wealth of our planet. The World atlas of gastronomy invites you to take a journey to discover the flavours of the world, their origins and their social role throughout the world.

A little history...

When did the first spoon appear? What was the first recipe book? In which banquet was a pearl served? Since when have we liked barbecues?

Thanks to the atlas of gastronomy, discover the history of culinary art in the world, its rules and its customs, transmitted from generation to generation.

Recipes of the world

Kimchi, curanto, mole sauce… Are you familiar with these dishes? Do you know the origin of tamale or pain d’épices? Thanks to the atlas of gastronomy, the world’s recipes will no longer hold any secrets for you!

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